Raw material - Logs Source Pellita

Pellita wood is used to manufacture pulp which comes from Industrial Plantation Forest HTI of PT Musi Hutan Persada (MHP) -a sister company. Acacia mangium is also used as other species MHP has plantation is a concession area of 296,400 ha in South Sumatra Province which is spread at three locations : Subanfinger, Benakat and Martapura.

TeL follows the philosophy of sustainable management and for that put of modern environmentally friendly technology using 100% plantation based wood. Mill developed its own plantation thru MHP since the mill was commissioned. Continuous efforts since beginning has been in progress jointly with plantation company-MHP to develop suitable alternate raw materials and in 2012 Eucalyptus pellita (Pellita) was introduced which is now ready to be used for pulp making.

Pellita logs delivery from plantation area to Mill is done 365 days by trucks, with average distance of 80 km mainly, thru dedicated roads network constructed by MHP .The logs quality is our main focus concern, this is to synchronize with de-barking and chipping machine specification of TeL own, and we receive clean logs with diameter 8 cm to 60 cm. Tree age at time of harvesting is maintained 4-5 years.