Environmental Friendly Process

The mill production process was designed and being run based on state-of-the-art technology.

LoSolid continuous digester is in place to make efficient logs to pulp ratio with minimum use of energy and cooking chemicals. Most efficient two stage Oxygen delignification and Washing are used . Cooking liquor so collected is sent to integrated system of Chemical Recovery to recover chemicals and generate energy-steam and electricity to meet mill requirement. In total around 95% steam and electricity are produced from the biomass i.e. cooking spent liquor and bark.

Mill uses Elemental Chlorine Free ECF of bleaching system, to make higher quality product and environmentally more friendly. Pulp so produced is dried in sheet form at pulp dryer and cut and packed in bales-units.

Mill has been following all regulations on environmental compliances by providing necessary process facilities & controls supported by efficient monitoring. For air emission controls Cyclone separators, Electrical Precipitators and Scrubbers are provided as per need to trap the particulate before gases flow out the atmosphere and also being monitored using continuous emission monitoring (CEMs).

Non-condensable gases generated from cooking and evaporation processes, the main cause of odour, are fed to a Non-condensable Gas (NCG) devices, where TRS gases are burnt and absorbed with caustic to produce Sodium bisulfite. Sodium bisulfite is used as make up and also as binder in the bleaching gases scrubbing system.

Effluent generated from the mills is separated from storm sewer and treated at activated sludge based effluent treatment plant to reduce TSS, COD and BOD in the effluent to level meeting the compliance needs.

TeL maintains and complies regulations all time. The control of all environmental equipments at. TeL are monitored tightly and regularly as per government regulations. Monitoring audits and data of all environmental parameters are reported to related government authorities, DLH, DLHP, KLHK and others.

In addition to comply the government regulations, TeL also maintains the Environmental Management System - ISO 14001 certification.