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Commemorating the 77th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia, PT TEL Holds the ”Merdeka Cup” Volleyball Tournament

Kasih DewaIn line with one of the visions and missions of PT Tanjungenim Lestari Pulp and Paper (PT TeLPP) to continue to establish good relations with local stakeholders, PT TeL in collaboration with Karang Taruna Desa Kasih Dewa held a volleyball tournament on the volleyball court in Kasih Dewa Village. which opened on August 22, 2022.

At the opening of the tournament, the President Director of PT TeL, Takahiro Horita, Tomohiko Takahashi (Deputy Director of CA), and several employees representing PT TeL management as well as the wives of employees as the women’s volleyball team were present. Meanwhile, from the government, there were the Camat of Rambang Niru, the Kapolsek, several village heads in the Rambang Dangku Sub-district and the PKK mobilizing team.

In his remarks delivered by the Head of the Rambang Niru sub-district, Fredy Febriansyah, stated that the government supports the positive activities carried out as part of PT TeL’s CSR. ”Hopefully in the future the synergy between the government and companies can continue to be established and improved again,” he said.Meanwhile, Takahiro Horita in his speech expressed his gratitude and gratitude to the government and residents of Kasih Dewa Village as well as other surrounding villagers for their participation in supporting PT TeL programs and activities such as the volleyball tournament which was held to commemorate the 77th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia. . ”Happy to follow the match, uphold sportsmanship, and stay careful,” he said. He also added that the company will continue to maintain good relations with the surrounding villages and try to support their activities.

The semi-open volleyball tournament was attended by 44 men’s teams and 16 women’s teams from several regions in Muara Enim, PALI, and Prabumulih. The opening ceremony of the tournament began with a match between the PT TeL men’s team consisting of the President Director and management representatives with the Camat, Rambang Niru Police, and several village heads. The opening match was won by a team from PT TeL with a score of 25 – 9.– 9.

Then the event continued with a match for the women’s team from PT TeL which consisted of representatives of the employees’ wives and the local PKK. This match was also won by the wife team of PT TeL employees with a score of 25 – 8. (*)