People development is carried out in order to prepare the best talent to be able to show the best performance and to achieve the business targets they carry. Talking about business is not only about running but also how they manage the business even more and sustain it in the future.

PT Tanjungenim Lestari Pulp and Paper are committed to developing competent, motivated and integrated information systems to achieve a competitive organization. The commitment is realized in several activities and achievements as follows.

  1. Achieve a high performing organization by developing skills-based Coaching for leadership styles through a comprehensive Supervisory / Management / Leadership Program.
  2. Develop and implement succession plans for critical positions to ensure the regeneration of employees through the career Path and Talent Management.
  3. Prepare a generation of quality sources from internal employees as well as from the village community around the company through scholarships, Internship, Development of Community Education, School foundation program and school facilities & infrastructure improvement.
  4. Improve knowledge and skill related technology and information.
  5. Meet the rules and competencies with good knowledge and skills.