1. Community Development Program
  2. Relationship / Public Relations Development Program (Community Relations).



The objectives of the CSR Program are:

  1. Empowerment of local human resources (students, youth and students included)
  2. Economic Empowerment of local communities around the company
  3. Construction of social / public facilities
  4. Public health development
  5. Development of community and religious education
  6. Social Culture etc.


Prepare a generation of quality sources from internal employees as well as from the village community around the company. We achieve this through scholarships, traineeships, Community Education Development, school foundation programs and school infrastructure improvements

Grow and strengthen community businesses that have an impact on the short, medium and long term that are able to compete competitively in the business world in order to achieve equitable and sustainable community prosperity around the company.

Increasing community awareness, changing the mindset of stakeholders and the community in health development, by increasing promoted, preventive, community empowerment efforts through family approaches across sectors and community movements in healthy living.

Health is also an element that we pay attention to after education. The company is trying to increase public awareness of the importance of health

Actively participating in assist the availability of public facilities as the driving force of economic growth and improving the quality of life and welfare of local communities in the village around the company of Telpp