PT Tanjungenim Lestari Pulp and Paper (TEL) produces high quality pulp from 100% wood based on industrial plantations sourced from a group company, PT Musi Hutan Persada (MHP), a highly dedicated Industrial Plantation Company with 296,400 ha of concession area in South Sumatra. MHP runs its operations with Sustainable and Sustainable Forest Management.

Pulp is produced from two types of wood, namely Acacia Mangium (AM) and Eucalyptus Pellita (EP). Since the start of the plant’s operation in 1999, the main product is the Acacia Mangium Pulp and then through continuous efforts, TEL is working with MHP to develop new alternative raw materials, until now Eucalyptus Pellita Pulp has become the main product.

Timber delivery from the Industrial Plantation area to the Factory Site continues 365 days per year by truck through a special road network built by MHP. TEL sets standards for the size and quality of logs that must be met by MHP.