Gerinam – PT Tanjungenim Lestari Pulp and Paper is again carrying out mutual cleaning activities with the village community. This time, the activity which is often called the “volunteer program” was carried out in Gerinam Village (05/11/2021) after previously in October 2021 it was held in Kasih Dewa Village and South Kuripan Village. The volunteer team from PT TEL consisting of LCD, SEO, ER, YP TEL together with the community and Gerinam village officials cleaned the roadside area of ​​Gerinam Village (starting from the Petapa Bridge – Gerinam Village to the front of the SMPN 1 Rambang Niru area).

Also attending the activity which started at around 08.45 WIB were the Head of the Stakeholder Division, Mr. Mochamad Amrodji and the Deputy Director of Corporate Affairs, Mr. Tomohiko Takahashi. Students and teachers from SMPN 1 Rambang Niru also participated in cleaning the front area of ​​the school, together with a team from PT TEL.

In the future, according to Mr. Takahashi, activities like this will be continued to other villages/locations, by inviting the Management team and PT TEL employees from other departments.