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PT TELPP awarded a long service award to employees have served for more than 20 years

As well as the previous year, this year PT Tanjungenim Lestari Pulp and Paper again gave awards special recognition for 20th and above of services with the Company of Telpp. The award was given to every 343 employees in the form of a Work Loyalty certificate and a 24 carat metal gold.

The award ceremony was attended by the board of directors/Management of PT. TELPP and representative of Labor Union SPPTEL and several representatives of cross position employees from operator level to manager level who received the award.

The symbolic handover was held simply in a short ceremonial event and followed the applicable health protocols at the PT. TELPP Administration building on 07 June 2021
PT Tanjungenim Lestari Pulp and Paper (President: Hiroyuki Moriyasu) presented long service anniversary awards to employees who have served for 20 years.
And these veterans were highly motivated to work on a Succession Program to promote company productivity for other employees.

The award is given not only in value by the service period, but also the quality of the employee’s contribution during their work for the progress of the company that implements core values in a company characterized by Fairness, innovation, and harmony in accordance with the vision and mission of the company PT. TELPP.
Fairness is defined to be fair and decent (shall comply with laws and follow fair corporate practices). While Innovation is to be active and innovate, shall constantly strive hard to improve our performance. And Harmony is to respect each other and cooperate, stay inside with the community and stakeholders related to the company’s activities by promoting credibility as a key principle.

A representative of the management said, “This award is given to our employees in order to improve their performance and their loyalty to the company, considering that they are an extremely valuable asset. We hope that they will motive this award to contribute to our business operations”.