October 11 2022 0Comment

PT Tel’s Participation in the National Transportation Day (Harhubnas) and World Cleanup Day Activities in Prabumulih

Prabumulih-In line with one of the visions and missions of PT Tanjungenim Lestari Pulp and Paper (PT TeLPP) to continue to maintain good relations with the Regional Government, PT TeL participated in an event entitled “Leisure Walk and Volunteer to pick trash Activities” held by the Prabumulih City Transportation Service. where this activity is also to celebrate the 51st National Transportation Day and World Cleanup Day.

Team volunteer from PT TeL went from PT TeL at 05:00 am, and after arriving in Prabumulih, TeL’s team join the other participants who already gathered in the yard of Prabumulih Mayor’s residence and at 06:00 am started moving to pick up trash along the way to Prabujaya city park. The team from PT TeL consisted of the President Director, Mr.Takahiro Horita and representatives from Management of PT TeL.
Mayor of Prabumulih Ir. H.Ridho Yahya MM who was present accompanied by Mrs. Ir. Hj. Suryanti Ngesti Rahayu, and Vice Mayor H. Andriyansyah Fikri, SH and Mrs. Hj. Reni Indayani was also present, the Head of the Transportation Service, Martodi, HS, SH.,MM, the vice Chief of the Resort Police of the Prabumulih Police and all other Forkopimda elements.

Ridho Yahya said “Today commemorates the anniversay of transportaion, national sports day, and also as the first day of activating the Prabujaya City park as a place for public entertainment every Sunday morning.”

On the occasion the President Director of PT Tanjungenim Lestari Pulp and Paper (PT TeLPP) Mr. Takahiro Horita said “I am happy with this activity and enthusiastic about so many people taking part in this event. Cleanliness is also a Japanese culture. So, we have the same culture.”

According to Mr.Mochamad Amrodji the Director of HR&CA, in principle PT TeLPP’s CSR has sevral pillars, both issues of education, infrastructure and also the problem of Covid-19, although at this time Covid has somewhat subsided. For social activities, PT TeLPP does not have to collaborate with the government. However, the company will continue to do with superior programs that have been running so far, both in Prabumulih city andd especially in Muara Enim Regncy. To synchronnize, we will fill programs that have not been made by the government, so that they can be sustainable, he explained.

Besides picking up trash along the road, this event was also continued with mass aerobic, coupon draw and door prizes from government and sponsors to be given to all people who attended the mass aerobics.